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Online bingo hits the jackpot with easy play and easy win

Last updated on March 4, 2018

Online bingo is growing fast as players discover how fun and easy online bingo is to play.


You never know who you’ll meet on any given night in the online bingo hall. In just a few minutes, you could be chatting with ‘DrZeus’ — a retired dentist from Washington who has won Interbingo’s daily 8:00pm (EST) tournament four times in the past month. Or, you may be congratulating ‘April85’ — a 28-year-old Canadian woman who just won the $100 coverall. Taking full advantage of the interactivity of the internet, online bingo has grown to be more than just a fun and easy way to win money, but a great place to meet and interact with other bingo players, too.

An introduction to online bingo
Bingo is a simple game to play, online or offline. When you enter the virtual bingo hall, usually you’ll see a game already in progress. Bingo games generally last only a few minutes, and are played continuously, one after another. At the front of the bingo hall is a caller with a virtual bingo bin full of 75 bingo balls. The caller pulls balls out of the bin one-by-one, and calls out their letter and number. As balls are called, players check the bingo cards that they purchased before the game, and mark the numbers as they are called. When a player has BINGO, that means the numbers that they’ve marked on their bingo card match the winning pattern for that game. The first player to get BINGO wins!

Most bingo software contains interactive chatting features, which allow for a social as well as fun environment. But as you become acquainted with all the other players in the hall, don’t forget to buy your bingo card for the next game. Cards usually come in “strips” of three cards. With each strip, you have three separate chances to win. Each bingo strip costs as little as $1, or even less in Bingo halls that sell packages of strips for specific games. Bingo is a great game to play; you won’t break the bank, and you’ll meet some interesting people along the way!

Bingo games
Each bingo game has a different jackpot and a different winning pattern. Most jackpots are between $20 and $250 for the first person to call BINGO before the maximum number of balls has been called. Lots of online bingo halls also offer progressive jackpots. If you’re lucky enough to call BINGO before a set number of balls have been called, you could walk away with thousands of dollars from only one game! The bingo hall sets the maximum number of balls needed for the jackpots based on the number of squares needed to complete the winning pattern.

Bingo tournaments
In bingo tournaments, you often have a much better chance of winning a larger jackpot as there are no maximum number of balls. Tournaments continue until a player has B-I-N-G-O. It is possible for a winning player to walk away with jackpots of up to $250 every time. Think how much money could be won – Interbingo holds tournaments three times a day, every day!

Bingo odds
Your chances of winning a bingo tournament depend on how many players are playing at that time. For example, if you have six cards for one game with 150 total cards in play, your chances of the big jackpot are 1 in 25. Not too bad!

Bingo bonuses
Yes! You can get free money bonuses in online bingo, too! Interbingo offers a 100% match bonus to every player, every month

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