Using Alternative Online Payment Options

Has this ever happened to you? You’re excited to take advantage of one of the amazing casino bonuses so you download and install a great new online casino, type in your credit card number, and … DECLINED! Almost every online casino says that they will accept VISA or MasterCard, but if you live in the United States (and some other countries) credit cards don’t work in online casinos.

Casinos and independent companies have created many alternative payment options in the last few years that are safer, easier, and more secure than using credit cards … and they’re accepted every time. Services like Neteller and FirePay have emerged as online payment leaders, but there are tons of options available to make online gambling payments and withdrawals.

Why won’t my credit card work?
Back when online gambling first became popular, credit cards were used almost exclusively to make payments and withdrawals in online casinos. It worked great for a while, but as the internet public became smarter and credit card security couldn’t keep up, online casinos were experiencing enormous amounts of credit card fraud. Players would use a credit card to deposit money, play casino games, and then cancel the credit card charges. As you can imagine, the casinos as well as credit card companies grew very upset as everyone was losing money.

Along with the fraud and chargebacks, credit card companies were pressured with legal issues associated with online gambling and offshore casinos. One by one, banks, casinos, and credit card companies pulled the plug on online gambling transactions using credit cards.

Alternative e-cash payment options
Today, the most popular and by far the easiest and most secure method to transfer money between you and your favorite online casino are e-cash payment options like Neteller and FirePay. Both services let you transfer money directly from your U.S. bank account into an e-cash account, and then transfer it instantly to any online casino. These payment websites are safe because you’re transferring real money from your bank account, which protects the casino from the threat of chargebacks. They’re secure because they are run by independent financial institutions that employ very high security standards. Neteller even requires the use of a special secure ID to withdraw money. Lots of casinos offer extra bonuses for using these alternative payment methods, too. Some other e-cash options worth mention are VASPay, ECO Card, PrePaid ATM, and Gaming Card.

Transactions using any of these services are usually instant, but can sometimes take a few days to draw from your bank account. Fees are very reasonable, if not free.

ACH transactions
Some casinos will even draw directly from your bank account without going through an e-cash website. This method works well, but often takes a long time. Expect to wait three to seven days for your deposit to go through, and even longer for withdrawals.

Wire Transfers
Anyone with a bank account can do a wire transfer, which are very fast, safe, and reliable. But they’re expensive! A wire transfer can cost you as much as $35 per transaction … regardless of the amount of the transfer. You’re much better off using a service like Neteller which offers the same security and speed, at a fraction of the cost.

NETeller makes online casino deposits and withdrawals easy and secure

NETeller Inc. (, a Canada based company, allows online gamblers to transfer cash electronically between their bank account and online casinos or sportsbooks securely, without the risk of transfers being declined. Every NETeller user has a free NETeller account, which acts like an online wallet that serves as a gateway between the user’s bank account and online casino or sportsbook. The best thing about NETeller is that basic services are all free! Users can deposit, withdraw, and send money to gambling merchants all with no charge.

NETeller Security

NETeller truly makes every effort to keep your personal banking data secure, and verify that only you are making transactions in your account. All users are required to use an Account ID and Password to log in, and as an extra security feature, a six-digit “Secure ID” is required, too. Some users may find the extra Secure ID an annoyance, but as an extra precaution against fraud, it’s well worth the extra keystrokes.

U.S. users that register their bank account with NETeller also are able to go through a bank account verification process that makes sure nobody besides yourself is using your bank account. To verify your bank account, NETeller makes a small deposit in your bank account, and then will ask you to enter the amount of the deposit(s) from your bank statement. Because only you have access to your bank statements, this verifies that your bank is really yours. This verification process usually takes 2 – 5 days, but only has to be done once.


The clear leader in alternative payment options, Neteller scores on no fees and extra security.

Making Deposits to NETeller
NETeller offers four options to deposit money into your account. Most users needs will be met with the free Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) method. An EFT transaction is a simple transfer from your (U.S. or Canadian) bank account. The great thing about EFT deposits is that they’re free, but the drawback is the 3 – 5 day waiting period for the funds to clear from your bank before you can use the money in a casino.

If you can’t wait for 3 – 5 days before you can start gambling, NETeller also offers an “InstaCASH EFT” deposit option which works like a regular EFT, but funds are available instantly. There is currently an 8.9% service fee on InstaCASH deposits. For example, if you deposit $100 by InstaCASH, neteller will keep $8.90 and you will instantly have $91.10 available to transfer to your favorite casino.

NETeller also accepts credit card transactions, but most U.S. and Canadian credit card users will be declined. This is because North American banks choose not to process transactions for certain merchants. Users outside North America can use their credit card for a reasonable 3.9% fee.

You can also transfer funds using a traditional bank wire. NETeller doesn’t charge a fee for bank wires, but your bank probably will.

Online Casino Transactions Using NETeller
It couldn’t be simpler to make deposits to nearly any online casino using NETeller. When you visit the casino’s cashier, nearly all casinos have a NETeller deposit option. All you need is your NETeller Account ID, Secure ID, and the e-mail address registered with NETeller. Deposits are processed within seconds, and withdrawals usually take one business day.

Withdrawals from NETeller Accounts
Once you cash out from the casino and your NETeller account is nice and full with casino winnings, it’s very easy to get the money back to your pocket. If you’ve verified your bank account, a free EFT withdrawal takes only 3 – 5 days. NETeller will also mail you a check for only $1, or FedEx it to you for $10.

Customer Service
NETeller’s customer service is far superior to any other electronic payment service. They have live chat available almost all the time, toll-free phone support, and very responsive e-mail support. NETeller is always friendly and eager to help in disputes.

NETeller Bonuses!
Not only is NETeller easier and more secure than most other online banking options, many casinos will give you extra free money just for using NETeller. Check Casino Sage’s bonus listings for great NETeller bonuses ranging from 5 – 20% on top of your regular bonuses.

Ready to start using NETeller and playing securely in nearly every online casino? Go to to sign up for your free NETeller account.

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Gambling online – what is it all about and where do I find the best internet casinos

Internet casinos, gambling online sites are places where you can wager bets, play card games or play slot machine games simply with the click of your mouse.

The internet casino and gambling online industry is growing at a rapid rate. There are close to 2000 internet casino, gambling online sites with more going live every day. Most sites are run by organizations that are trustworthy and reliable and are run no differently to their counterparts in the physical world.

But with the good comes the bad and there are internet casinos, gambling online sites that are out to defraud players and cheat you out of your winnings. These disreputable organizations will lure you into games that are rigged or set up phony accounts and more all in efforts to take as much money from you as they possibly can.

In order to find internet casinos, gambling online sites were you can play in safety and relax in the knowledge that your account is secure and that your winnings won’t be pilfered, you have to ensure that before you start playing on internet casinos, gambling online sites, you do sufficient research and explore all your options.

” But how do I do this, how do I know that my internet casinos for gambling online aren’t actually dodgy organizations that are just posing as legit?”

Choosing internet casinos, gambling online sites that are reputable

In order to find internet casinos for gambling online you don’t have to endure stress-filled hours of frustration and pain, you don’t have call in the FBI or start pulling out your hair.WHY?

Because finding internet casinos, gambling online sites that are dependable simply involves following a few guidelines and a little research.

If you want to find internet casinos, gambling online sites you should:

  • Study the fine print : before you start playing on internet casinos and gambling online you must be aware of all the rules and regulations that are written in the small print. If the small print is too small, be suspicious!
  • Assess the support : Check to see whether the internet casinos, gambling online sites that you intend playing on have adequate support. Are their people you can call if you have a question or need information, is their an e-mail address, do they offer real time chat support? Make sure that you know you can contact the internet casinos, gambling online sites at all times.
  • Make sure that you know what other people say . Before you join internet casinos and gamble online you must check to see is there are complaints lodged against your casino. Check review sites where internet casinos and gambling online sites are rated.

These are a few pointers for the person looking to find internet casinos to gamble online.

The best advice is simply to keep your eyes open and not to randomly open accounts with internet casinos or gambling online sites without being careful.

“Once I’ve found internet casinos for gambling online, what then..?”

Once you are certain that the internet casinos, gambling online sites that you want to play on are trustworthy, consider the following:

  • Know the internet casino’s, gambling online site’s rules : if you are not familiar with the rules of the games offered on internet casinos, gambling online sites then you won’t know how to play and you’ll end up losing money.
  • Download the internet casinos, gambling online site’s software: These downloads contribute to greater game simulation and add greater visual effects.
  • Set up your player account : The free software that you download from the Internet casinos, gambling online sites will instruct you on how to set up a player account.
  • Practice: Most internet casinos, gambling online sites offer free demonstrations where you can test out the games before you play for real money.
  • Play for real money: Once you are comfortable with the demo games and are ready to start playing on the internet casinos and gamble online, you must deposit money into your player account so that you have something to play with! Internet casinos, gambling online sites offer deposit methods that vary. Deposit methods include: PayPal, NETeller, credit cards, bank wire transfers, Western Union .

But Remember.

Internet casinos, gambling online sites can make you a lot of money but they can also lose a lot of money with them.

Find the right one, know the risks, and play responsibly and internet casinos, gambling online sites make up a fun-filled hobby where you can potentially win money!

If you are looking to find the best internet casinos you don’t have to hire a private investigator, spend hours on the net searching to no avail and ultimately drive yourself crazy!

You can find the best internet casinos; you just have to know how to look and what to look for!

The best internet casinos are run in the same way that their land-based counterparts are run. There are nearly 2000 internet casinos online and because there are so many, this makes the best internet casinos somewhat more difficult to find but if you follow a few suggestions, finding the best internet casinos will not pose a problem.

In order to find the best internet casinos you simply have to do your research. We are not talking in-depth, intense investigations you just have to keep your eyes open and judge online gambling sites critically before you decide to play.

“What research, what should I do to find the best internet casinos?

Tips to find the best internet casinos

In your search to find the best internet casinos consider:

  • The review sites : The best internet casinos have all been rated by review sites and judged according to their games, graphics, player statistics etc. When you are looking to find the best internet casinos it helps therefore to check out the review sites because they are all there.
  • Reading carefully : the best internet casinos display their rules and regulations clearly and comprehensively on site. It is those online gambling sites with the smallest of print detailing their rules that you should avoid.
  • Support: the best internet casinos have the most support. This means that they have telephone numbers that you can call if problems arise or if you have questions. And they offer e-mail and live chat support options. Support is vital.

“But why is the best internet casino so important to find, isn’t gambling online all the same?”

No, gambling is not all the same.

The best internet casinos offer the opportunity to gamble safely and this is important because there are disreputable internet casinos that defraud gamblers.

How do these casinos defraud?

Some online gambling sites profess to be the “best internet casinos” and lure players with a wide variety of games, flashy graphics and realistic game simulations. But what the “best” internet casinos ultimately do is:

  • manipulate the gaming odds so that the player loses or
  • steal money from the player account or
  • simply just don’t pay up the player’s winnings

This is so that these supposedly “best” internet casinos can make as much money from the player as possible.

Ross from Arizona thought that he had found the best internet casino even though he hadn’t really looked that hard to find it,

“I simply looked for online gambling sites that claimed to be the best internet casinos online and I set up a player account with one of them immediately and began gambling”

Ross had certainly not joined one of the best internet casinos and had actually entrusted his money to a fraudulent organization that cheated its players. Ross lost a lot of money.

“I was constantly losing and had no idea why. The more I lost, the more I spend trying to recoup my losses. I didn’t suspect anything because I thought that I had joined the best internet casino and had no reason to doubt that, well not yet anyway.”

“I didn’t know that the games were rigged until it was too late and I had lost a lot of money. From now on I am going to be a lot more careful in my search to find a gambling site and truly am going to find the best internet casinos and not waste my time or money on these fraudster’s sites!”

It is very important to gamble with only the best internet casinos, don’t risk otherwise.

“When I find the best internet casinos, then what..?”

When you have found the best internet for you:

  • Download the casino software
  • Set up your player account
  • Practice on the demo casino games

And then you are ready to gamble and win money with the best internet casinos online.

Remember though that even if you find the best internet casinos you must always gamble responsibly!

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10 things you should avoid doing at a Casino:

1) Don’t try to buy in or cash out while a game is in play. Wait until between hands after the dealer has paid out any bets from the previous round. Ask for change and place your cash or chips on the table, rather then handing them directly to the dealer.

2) Don’t make a mess out of your chips. When making a bet, do not splash all your chips out on the table; gently place your ships on the table in a stack. When betting with chips of mixed denominations, stack your chips so that the highest denomination is on the bottom and the lowest is on top. Doing so makes it easier for dealers to count your chips, give proper change, and keep an eye out for cheaters that may be trying to “top off” a bet.

3) Don’t drink too much. We are all out to have a good time, but know your limit so you aren’t having fun at the expense of others. Drunk people tends to slow games down, make annoying conversation, and kill the overall mood at a table.

4) Limit yourself to one machine at a time when a particular bank of machines is busy. Playing multiple machines at the same time does not improve ones odds, so if it is busy, leave room for someone else to play. For table games, do not take up extra chairs or space around a particular table so that there is room for others to play.

5) Don’t forget to tip your dealer, EVEN IF YOU LOSE. Most dealers, like many other service based industries, make minimum wage + tips. My general philosophy is to tip 2/3 based on service, and 1/3 based on my winnings (if any). Not tipping a dealer because you lost is the equivalent of not tipping a perfectly good waitress/waiter because you didn’t like the flavor of the soup that you ordered.

6) If you smoke cigarettes, try to be respectful of others around you. Extinguish an dispose of your butts in an ashtray, and exhale smoke upward rather than towards the other players and dealers around you.

7) Don’t forget to use hand signals. Casinos are loud and noisy places and it may be hard for a dealer to hear what you want to do. Hand signals are easy to interpret, and can be reviewed by video footage if there is a question about a particular play.

8) For games in which cards are dealt face up, don’t touch them. In games which you are allowed to touch the cards, only do so with one hand. Touching the cards with multiple hands is a signal to the casinos that you may be trying to cheat by bending or “marking” specific cards in the a deck.

9) Don’t berate a player for the way the played their hand. Blackjack players are particularly notorious for doing so, thinking that “unnecessary hitting” throws off the game by disrupting the order that cards are dealt. While this may be true, unconventional plays are just as likely to positively influence a game as they are to negatively influence it. Besides, players who blame others for their losses should not be gambling in the first place.

10) Resist the urge to give unsolicited advice. Not everyone is interested in playing “basic strategy” and they have every right to play their own game, even if it may not be an optimal strategy. Let people make their own fun.

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