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Bet365 Unleashes Sprint Poker

What is Sprint Poker?

Sprint poker is quite simply an even faster version of poker. It allows you to play hundreds of hands per hour in sit and go or tournament format which decreases the amount of time sat in front of your PC which means you have extra time to do other things.

The speed is created by reducing the amount of time that players have to make decisions while they’re playing. When the betting position moves to you, you will only have a few seconds to make your decision over whether to check, bet, raise, re-raise or fold.

Sprint poker is also brilliant for playing poker under pressure. It gives you an idea over the sort of high pressure situations you are going to face while playing the game and it will also make you a quicker thinking player.

How to Play Sprint Poker

To start playing sprint poker you will need a Bet365 account. If you don’t already have one then please use the banner at the bottom of this page to sign up. Registration is quick and requires a few basic personal and financial details which are protected by encryption software.

Once you are inside Bet365 poker it’s just a case of looking through the games on the interface to find the sprint format. There is a tab on the left hand side of the main interface which shows you all of the active sprint games at any one time. Use this tab to find the game you want to play and you’re away.

Once you have clicked on this tab you will be presented with a list of active and up and coming games. The screen will show you details such as how many players are at a table, how much it will cost you to play, the level of that game and the format of that game.

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