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With this method, we will also work with a series of escalating stakes in the case of a loss. These stakes do not however escalate to same extent as with the previously discussed Martingale system.

In every series of bets you will only earn 1 dollar. The factor or odds must always be equal to two.

You start with a stake of one unit.

If you lose, you play on with the same amount until you win a bet.

If you win a bet, you raise the stake by one unit and play on.

Every time you lose you play on with the same amount and every time you win you increase the stake by one unit.

You continue playing until you've earned back your losses.

Pros and cons:

The stake increases less quickly. This is a less risky method than the Martingale system. If things don't go well, it can happen that you can no longer make back your losses and your bankroll will return to zero.